Guest Appearances

I am honored to be a guest on other podcasts. Here are some of the podcasts I have had the privilege to be on. 

  • In today’s episode, we talk to Lorelee Siemens the host of The Church History Podcast. Lorelee talks about why knowing church history is important. While we may face things today we have never faced in our lifetime, we have 2,000 years of church history where we can find answers

  • In this truth-filled Episode, I feature my first International guest,  Lorelee Siemens from Ontario, Canada.  Lorelee is a podcast host, soon to be author, wife of 19 years to Alex and has four children who are her greatest joy.  In our authentic conversation, Lorelee shares her “Standing For Truth” God Story of how God showed her that the enemy was not those in the church who had hurt her, but Satan.  Instead of leaving the church, God helped her to love the church with a passion. Part of that passion included hosting a podcast on Church History where she speaks on prolife issues, theology, marriage and parenting. 

  • In today’s episode, Pastor Cliff talks with the host of the Church History Podcast, Lorelee Siemens.  Lorelee lives in Canada and shares the state of the church today in Canada.


  • In this episode, special guest Lorelee Siemens joins me as she shares her own personal story on Loving Without Limits through her personal process of adoption and her family adopting two young girls.

  • Lorelee Siemens is a force to be recognized! Along with her powerful testimony, she also is a strong pro-life voice in Canada, has adopted children of her own, has multiple podcasts, and is a talented voiceover artists!