Looking for a Pro-Life Speaker?

I am a very passionate Pro-Life advocate. This is a topic that many evangelical churches are afraid to touch. Perhaps that is why so many people who are pro-life are afraid to have conversations with others about their beliefs.

I want to take that fear away by preparing you.   

You will see two series, the abortion debate, and the euthanasia debate. 


Our Story

Three women share their stories of faith.  Have tissues boxes ready for the audience, and their stories intertwine. 

Gail tells her story about stepping out of a relationship and then finding out she was pregnant.  Already a single mom, no money, abortion was the obvious solution. Adoption was a harder choice.  She chose adoption.  After passing her baby to a nurse she went 25 years trusting God, and not seeing her baby.

Lois was told she wouldn't have a baby.  Waiting and trusting for the child God had promised was hard.  After adopting two children, she found herself unexpectedly pregnant.  But then the doctors gave her devastating news.  According to the doctor, abortion was the only solution.  Some choices are impossible.

Lorelee was adopted and shares her story of being adopted into her family, and then adopted into God's family.  

Are you prepared for the pro- life conversations? 

Step by step instructions on how to communicate effectively while defending the pro-life argument, in a loving and respectful way.