This is what people are saying after hearing a session

Lorelee’s love for Christ and desire to help others share the message of the gospel with their communities, especially through children’s ministry, was engaging and thoughtful. Our children’s ministry workers were captivated by Lorelee’s enthusiasm and practical examples of implementing her ideas. Her message was rooted in Scripture, supported by research, and reinforced by real life illustrations. We were energized by her passion and have been working to put into practice some of the suggested initiatives. Marcie Tenk on behalf of the Children’s Ministry Co-ordination Team, Springfield Baptist Church

"Wonderful info, very helpful


Awesome speaker on pro-life

Easy to understand

So great! The information was invaluable

Fantastic! Lorelee is very knowledgeable and well organized

She knows her topic well

Lorelee obviously spent a lot of time researching!

Very useful and interesting

Lots of good information"

- from attendees at AWANA Next Generation conference 2016

Helping you help others

There was a time I was afraid to share Jesus with others.  One day in participial I found myself standing at a crossroads.  Share my faith, or walk away.  God sent me the verse, I have not given you the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of sound mind.  1 Timothy 1:7  

That was the beginning of a journey where God took my fear from me.  Part of that journey is studying and being prepared.  I would like to share some of the information I have learned.