Who is Lorelee?

Lorelee Siemens is a passionate advocate for faith, family, and and the sanctity of life. Her unique journey as both an adoptee and an adoptive parent has fueled her mission to support families within the church community.

Adopted and raised in a pastor's home, Lorelee's early years were marked by a profound encounter with Jesus at the tender age of five, setting the course for a lifetime of devotion to her faith.

Lorelee's personal experience as an adoptee and an adoptive parent has uniquely positioned her to offer invaluable insights to churches seeking to support families navigating the complexities of adoption. Her empathy and understanding create a safe space for individuals facing similar journeys, fostering community and acceptance within the church.

Beyond her work in children's ministry, Lorelee is a compelling pro-life speaker, driven by the conviction that every life is precious. Her mission extends to educating others on effectively communicating the pro-life argument, empowering individuals to engage in meaningful and respectful discussions on this critical issue.

Since childhood, Jesus has been beckoning Lorelee to one singular purpose: to tell people about

him. Her unwavering commitment to this calling has shaped her life's narrative, inspiring those around her to embrace faith, cherish family, and uphold the sanctity of life. 

Now Lorelee wants to help you do the same thing through speaking ministry, videos, and podcasts. You can make a difference in your world.  

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Being a mom is my greatest joy.  My dream for them is that they will grow in their faith, and will have a strong relationship with Jesus Christ.  There is no greater joy then to know my children are walking with God.