Who is Lorelee?

Lorelee was raised in a pastor's home, and made the choice to follow Jesus at the age of five.  Through elementary and high school, she was passionate about sharing Jesus with everyone she met.  After attending Bob Jones University, she married Alex Siemens. Lorelee started ministry teaching Junior High in a Christian school.  After having children Lorelee felt called to work in the church setting in children's ministry.  For six years Lorelee worked with Child Evangelism Fellowship Ontario.

From the young age of five, Jesus has been calling Lorelee to do one thing.  Tell people about Him.  

Now Lorelee wants to help you do the same thing, through speaking ministry, videos, and Podcasts. You can make a difference in your world.  

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Nineteen years of marriage.  I would do it all over again.  Marriage is a great gift God has given us.  When we do things God's way it is an amazing adventure.  When we struggle, it's when we are doing things our way.  God has laid out guidelines that are timeless.   


Being a mom is my greatest joy.  My dream for them is that they will grow in their faith, and will have a strong relationship with Jesus Christ.  There is no greater joy then to know my children are walking with God.