Children's Ministry

Elevate Your Impact in Children's Ministry: Unleash the Transformative Power of Introducing Young Minds to Jesus

Your role in Children's ministry is pivotal—introducing young minds to Jesus and his transformative power. While the significance of this responsibility cannot be overstated, we understand that it might not always feel that way. Let's explore how to amplify the impact of your crucial work in Children's ministry, ensuring you recognize and celebrate the importance of every moment in shaping the spiritual journey of the young ones you guide.

Some topics I speak on


Workshops Available

  1. Master Classroom Management: Keep Your Cool and Stay in Control

Discover effective strategies for classroom management without losing your mind. Learn how to maintain composure and control in educational settings, ensuring a positive and productive learning environment. Explore essential tips and techniques to enhance your teaching experience and foster a successful classroom atmosphere.

  1. The Importance of Church History for Kids: A Guide to Teaching and Understanding

Uncover why understanding church history is crucial for your children's education. Learn insightful ways to teach church history to kids and instill in them a deeper appreciation for the historical roots of their faith. Explore the significance of history in shaping their worldview and discover practical methods for making church history engaging and memorable.

  1. Teaching Theology to Children: Guide to Imparting Big Concepts to Little Minds

Delve into the art of teaching theology to children, imparting big theological concepts to little minds. Gain valuable insights into making complex theological ideas accessible and engaging for young learners. Learn effective teaching techniques and resources to nurture a solid theological foundation in children, laying the groundwork for a lifelong understanding of faith.

  1. Navigating Trauma: Strategies for Working with Children Who Have Faced Adversity

Explore practical approaches for working with children who have experienced trauma. Gain insights into understanding and addressing the unique needs of these children in educational and ministry settings. Discover valuable tools and strategies to create a supportive and healing environment, promoting resilience and positive development for children who have faced adversity.

About Lorelee

Lorelee Siemens: Advocate for Faith, Family, and the Sanctity of Life

Lorelee Siemens passionately champions faith, family, and the sanctity of life. Her distinctive journey as both an adoptee and an adoptive parent drives her mission to support families within the church community.

Drawing from her personal experiences as an adoptee and adoptive parent, Lorelee offers invaluable insights to churches aiming to support families navigating the complexities of adoption. Her empathetic approach and understanding create a secure space for individuals on similar journeys, fostering a sense of community and acceptance within the church.

In addition to her impactful work in children's ministry, Lorelee serves as a compelling pro-life speaker, fueled by the conviction that every life is precious. Her mission includes educating others on effectively communicating the pro-life argument, empowering individuals to engage in meaningful and respectful discussions on this critical issue.

Since childhood, Jesus has been calling Lorelee to a singular purpose: to share His message. Her steadfast commitment to this calling shapes her life's narrative, inspiring those around her to embrace faith, cherish family, and uphold the sanctity of life. Explore Lorelee Siemens' transformative journey and impactful mission today.