lorelee productions

Helping others to "Proclaim Liberty Through Out the Land"


Podcast Editing

Under 30 min of audio -- 20$

30-40 min of audio -- 25$

40-50  min of audio -- 35$

50 min plus -- 55$ 

Show notes -- 5$

We will remove your mistakes, ahhs and umms, breaths, and mouth clicks.  If you have more then one host, or guest we will make sure your audio is leveled.  Our voice actors can create your intro and outro, Or we can use your intro and outro. 

You can subscribe below for a monthly discount. Four podcasts under 30 minutes in length . 

All in a 24 hour turn around. 



I will take your audio and create a transcript for you. 80 cents a minute.

Voice Work

$100 per finished hour

Includes: Recording your audio, and editing it to the standards of Audible.  If you have a book you want published as an audible book, this is the place to go! 


Social Media Creator

Let me help you with your social media! 



Social Media Content

10$ Banners for your social media and website

20$ Seven social Media Posts

40$ Five stories that are each five slides long

Contact me for more details. lorelee@loreleesiemens.com