Youth Workers

"Is the world a better or worse place because of Christianity?" 

 "What exactly do Christians believe?"  

"You are pro-life? Really? Why?"  

Are your teens prepared for these conversations? 

Workshops Available

Speak Life - How to defend the pro-life argument

(Know the argument, Communicate like Jesus.  Address the top pro-choice arguments)

History Matters - Because stuff happened between Acts and today.  

(Answering the questions,  Where did we get our Bible from?  Does religion cause wars? Is Christianity guilty of atrocity? How has Christianity impacted societies? 

About Lorelee

I have four teen age daughters.

This age is a wonderful stage to discuss topics that impact all of us.  I have been a Jr high school teacher, and worked in youth groups for many years, but nothing prepared me for having my own teens.  I want my teens to be prepared for the conversations they are going to have in classrooms, and the cafeteria.