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The controversy

I first heard about this movie when Ryan Gosling made the comment the movie had left out the American flag because the movie wasn't about America going to the moon, but mankind going to the moon.

People were angry about that.  I agree.

I love America, even though I am Canadian.  I have studied the history of the race to space between Rusia and America.  The planting of the American flag was the end of a well-fought race.

So when I heard this statement I thought I would probably not watch the movie.

Thankfully I gave it a chance.

I understand now why they didn't add the scene of the planting of the flag.  The movie wasn't the story of the race to space.  The movie was the story was of a man running from grief.

I grew up thinking of Neil Armstrong as a hero.  Almost a superhero.

Neil Armstong was a man.
He was a father.
He was a husband.
He was a friend.

The journey to space resulted in the death of Americans.  Most of the Americans were friends of Neils. Still, he continued to press forward.  Through the movie, we see the grief change who he is.  We watch him grow cold and build walls between himself and his family.  If I would sum up the movie in one line it would be this... a man runs from grief.

The story is also of Janet Armstong.  I had never thought of Janet before. 

The movie is really a story of Janet and Neil.  Not a story of America.

What about America?
The movie shows a country divided. 

Politicians using the tragic deaths of Americans to push their political agenda. Protestors chanting phrases. Everyone hates Russia.  So.... pretty much the same as today.

All of this is in the movie. 
The race for America to win is in the movie. 
The frustration when Russia keeps beating them is in the movie. 
The argument "is this worth the sacrifice?" is in the movie.
All of this is in the movie.

Americain flags are all over the movie.  Every character in the movie is cheering the win of the race.  Only Neil and Janet are in a different place.  Neil does something on the moon that shows the end of the journey he has taken the audience on.  If you don't cry at that point you have no soul.  If they had added a scene with the flag being planted it would have taken away from the emotional effect of this scene.

Christian point of view.

Focus on the Family says there are two F-words in the movie.  I am very sensitive to swear words and I only heard one.  The one F-word happens when Janet can't break through his walls and is beyond frustrated.  Neil will be leaving in a few minutes to get in a rocket and probably die.  She needs him to say goodbye to his children.  He is refusing.  His walls are high and she takes has to break through.  The fact that this is the only swear word in the whole movie makes it very dramatic.

Drinking and smoking is all throuh the movie, because it takes place in the 60s.

The family values in this movie are really the point of the whole film.  The film is a  journey of a husband and wife dealing with grief.  Janet is left to raise her boys alone as Neil runs from his grief and refuses to speak of the turmoil inside of him.  Throughout the film, Janet refuses to speak negatively of Neil and stands by him.  She fights for their marriage.  She fights to make sure her boys have a relationship with their father. 

This is a conservative film with the Christian family values. 

Date night

I took my four teen daughters to see the movie.  I love history and I am always trying to find ways to get my kids excited about history.  The movie was a great historical film.

I wish I had gone with my husband instead. 

This is a movie for a date night.  For the fathers and mothers who have years of marriage and need a reminder to look at each other again.  I will see this again.  I will see it with my husband. 

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