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On Monday I realized I had four audible credits and decided to get a book.  I decided to read, or listen, to Amazing Grace by Eric Metaxas. 

I had heard the story of the song Amazing Grace and the life of John Newton.  I did not know the story of William Wilberforce.  Now that I know the story of Wilberforce I want to tell everyone about him.  So much of our way of life is due to Wilberforce.  Not only the end of slavery, but the way society interacts. 

Eric Metaxas tells the life of Wilberforce starting with his childhood.  I was captivated from the very start.  It was during Wilberforce's childhood that John Newton made an impact on his life.  As a foster family, it was encouraging to hear how the influence in Wilberforce life for a short period impacted him for life.

Eric does a great job teaching church history in the book.  I heard the stories of many great founders of our faith.  I was unaware of how they had impacted each other. The lives of many greats were threaded together.

The book was not an easy read.  The language used is at a higher reading level.  However, don't let that discourage you.  Eric uses a lot of quotes and passages from diaries.  I found this so fascinating.

I downloaded the book on Monday.  It is Thursday and I am done.  I listened while driving the kids around, getting groceries, doing laundry.   This is why I love Audible.  If you're a busy mom it is a great way to read books, when you have no time to sit down and read. 

If you want to read more, but you're overwhelmed about finding time to read, I recommend getting an audiobook.  This would be a great book to start your journey.

I absolutely loved his book, and my next audible book will probably be another Eric Metaxas book. 

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