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Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy.

I have been fascinated by the history of world war 2 every since I heard the story of Corrie Ten Boom as a child. I have learned about it from the Canadian and Americanism point of view. I have learned about from the Japan point of view. I have learned about from the Dutch point of view.

But in this book, I learned about from the point of view of the German church.

Eric Metaxas starts the book off before world war one.  We see the impact of the first world war on the citizens of Germany. 

We see families destroyed by economic failure. We watch as the church struggles with deciding to stand for truth or flow with the culture around them. 

I was fascinated by this story! I have never thought of what it would be like to be a Christian living in Germany during the time of Hitler. What do you do if your country is on the wrong side of the war?

What if your a patriotic person who loves your country, and then your fellow citizens actually vote for Hitler? And what if those fellow citizens attend the same church as you?

I recommend this book! In fact, I would say get it today.   

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